Ankita Media and Entertainment Ltd. Expands Horizons, Ventures into Media Landscape with “ANKITA MEDIA”


In a strategic move to diversify its portfolio, Ankita Media and Entertainment Ltd., a prominent animation service company, is embarking on a new venture in the media domain, unveiling “ANKITA MEDIA.” Additionally, the company has announced its association with Lead India as a franchise for digital media operations.

Ankita Media aims to be a comprehensive source for news and updates within the animation and creative industry, establishing itself as a pivotal player in the media landscape. The company plans to operate as a digital media platform, with its news and updates accessible through the dedicated news portal,

This innovative venture not only focuses on delivering insights into the dynamic world of animation but also extends its coverage to include local news, showcasing a commitment to community engagement. The move underscores Ankita Media’s dedication to providing a holistic media experience, catering to diverse interests.

As “ANKITA MEDIA” takes its place in the digital media sphere, audiences can anticipate a blend of informative content, covering the latest developments in the animation and creative industry alongside noteworthy local news.

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