DoT and NTIPRIT Hold Workshop for Over 220 Sanchar Mitras from 20 States/UTs


DoT and NTIPRIT Hold Workshop for Over 220 Sanchar Mitras from 20 States/UTs

‘Sanchar Mitra’ Platform Engages Students to Raise Awareness on Citizen-Centric Services

New Delhi, May 28, 2024:

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in collaboration with the National Telecommunications Institute, Ghaziabad (NTIPRIT), hosted an Awareness Workshop today for the ‘Sanchar Mitras’. This program enlists student volunteers to empower citizens by raising awareness about various department initiatives and the dangers of cyber fraud.

Smt Madhu Arora Addresses Sanchar Mitras

Smt Madhu Arora, Member (T), Digital Communication Commission, inaugurated the workshop, emphasizing the critical role of telecommunications in the digital age. “Telecommunications is vital today. Sanchar Mitra is a steppingstone to raise awareness and empower citizens,” she stated. Describing the volunteers as “agents of change,” she highlighted their role in bridging the gap between government initiatives and citizens, particularly in remote areas.

Arora also stressed the importance of two-way communication, with Sanchar Mitras serving as a feedback mechanism to relay citizens’ challenges to the DoT, helping shape better strategies. She urged the volunteers to seize the opportunity to explore future prospects in telecom and related fields.

Key Highlights from the Workshop

Shri Deb Kumar Chakraborti, Director General of NTIPRIT, spoke on the significant role of Sanchar Mitras in connecting citizens with the DoT. He outlined the volunteers’ primary duties, including providing affordable connectivity, addressing grievances, tackling cyber threats, and promoting safe citizen-centric solutions. Chakraborti also provided valuable suggestions for expanding the Sanchar Mitra program.

Roles and Responsibilities of Sanchar Mitras

Sanchar Mitras, selected from prestigious educational institutions housing 100 5G Use Case Labs, will undertake various roles, including:

  • Raising awareness about telecom-related citizen services like the Sanchar Saathi portal and educating citizens about the dangers of cyber fraud.
  • Reporting issues and collecting feedback, facilitating coordination with field offices.
  • Promoting digital literacy and ensuring safe mobile usage.
  • Coordinating with colleges, NGOs, Village Level Entrepreneurs, and local law enforcement agencies to address cases of fraud or misuse effectively.
  • Gathering insights on local trends and challenges, helping the DoT tailor its strategies and policies.
  • Acting as a feedback loop to refine the Sanchar Saathi initiative based on evolving needs.

Background of the Sanchar Mitra Program

Sanchar Mitras are selected from universities across 28 states and 4 UTs. The program aims to enhance mobile users’ security, clarify radiation myths, and raise awareness about DoT’s initiatives. By engaging students from diverse regions, the program seeks to establish a collaborative approach to telecom issues and promote a safe digital ecosystem.


The workshop organized by NTIPRIT served as an induction program, enhancing the understanding and effectiveness of the Sanchar Mitras. Focusing on communication skills, it provided an overview and demonstration of key citizen-centric services, preparing the volunteers to be instrumental in the DoT’s outreach and engagement efforts.

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