Indian Railways Bolsters Winter Operations with 19,742 Fog Pass Devices for Seamless Travel


Indian Railways Bolsters Winter Operations with 19,742 Fog Pass Devices for Seamless Travel

In a strategic move to combat the challenges posed by foggy weather during winter, Indian Railways has deployed 19,742 cutting-edge Fog Pass Devices across various zones. This significant initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of train services, minimize delays, and elevate overall passenger safety, especially in the Northern regions.

Combatting the Fog Challenge

As the winter months bring dense fog, the reliability of train services often takes a hit. To address this issue, Indian Railways has introduced Fog Pass Devices, GPS-based navigation tools designed to assist loco pilots during challenging weather conditions.

Enhanced Navigation and Real-Time Information

The Fog Pass Device offers real-time information to loco pilots through both display and voice guidance. This includes crucial details about fixed landmarks such as signals, level crossing gates (both manned and unmanned), permanent speed restrictions, and neutral sections. Approach indications for the next three landmarks are displayed in geographical order, accompanied by voice messages approximately 500 meters before reaching the landmark.

Strategic Provisioning Across Zones

Indian Railways has meticulously provisioned Fog Pass Devices across various Zonal Railways to ensure comprehensive coverage. The numbers allocated to each zone are as follows:

  • Central Railway: 560
  • Eastern Railway: 1,103
  • East Central Railway: 1,891
  • East Coast Railway: 375
  • Northern Railway: 4,491
  • North Central Railway: 1,289
  • North Eastern Railway: 1,762
  • Northeast Frontier Railway: 1,101
  • North Western Railway: 992
  • South Central Railway: 1,120
  • South Eastern Railway: 2,955
  • South East Central Railway: 997
  • South Western Railway: 60
  • West Central Railway: 1,046

Key Features of Fog Pass Device

The Fog Pass Device boasts several features contributing to its effectiveness:

  • Suitable for all types of sections, including single line, double line, electrified, and non-electrified sections.
  • Compatible with electric and diesel locomotives, EMUs/MEMUs/DEMUs.
  • Supports train speeds up to 160 KMPH.
  • Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery backup lasting for 18 hours.
  • Portable, compact, and light in weight (not exceeding 1.5 Kg, including the battery).
  • Robust design ensures durability.
  • Loco pilots can easily carry the device to the locomotive upon resuming duty.
  • Can be conveniently placed on the cab desk of the locomotive.
  • Functions as a standalone system, unaffected by weather conditions such as fog, rain, or sunshine.

With the implementation of these Fog Pass Devices, Indian Railways takes a significant stride towards ensuring a seamless travel experience, even in challenging weather conditions. Passengers can now look forward to a more reliable and punctual train service during the foggy winter months.

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