KIMS Hubli Gears Up to Confront Rising COVID Concerns: Reserves 100 Beds for Patients


As apprehensions surrounding the COVID-19 situation intensify in Karnataka, the health department has taken proactive steps to address the growing challenge. A recent circular has been issued to district and taluk hospitals, urging them to initiate comprehensive preparations. Emphasizing the importance of adhering to government guidelines as a precautionary measure, the director of KIMS Hubli has rallied efforts to tackle the escalating crisis.

Dated December 20, the city of Hubli is grappling with mounting anxiety over the relentless spread of the JN1 mutation of the Coronavirus (Coronavirus JN1) strain, amplifying the resurgence of COVID-19 cases across various districts in the state. In response to this resurgence, the health department has issued a directive to district and taluk hospitals, emphasizing the need for meticulous preparations.

In a bid to fortify their defenses against the potential surge in COVID cases, KIMS Hubli has implemented precautionary measures and is actively preparing to confront the challenges posed by the virus. Notably, the medical facility has earmarked 100 beds specifically for COVID patients, comprising 60 oxygen beds and 40 beds equipped with both oxygen and intensive care unit (ICU) facilities.

As the state braces itself for the evolving situation, the director of KIMS Hubli underscores the importance of strict adherence to government guidelines, reinforcing the commitment to a proactive and vigilant approach in the face of the renewed threat.

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