Prime Minister Modi Commends Tansen Festival Artists for Guinness World Record in Tabla Ensemble


New Delhi, December 26, 2023 – Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi extended heartfelt congratulations to the 1,282 tabla players who set a new Guinness World Record with their mesmerizing performance at the ‘Tansen Festival’ in Madhya Pradesh.

Taking to social media, the Prime Minister acknowledged the remarkable achievement in Indian classical music, posting, “बहुत-बहुत बधाई! भारतीय संगीत को नई ऊंचाई पर ले जाने का ये प्रयास अत्यंत सराहनीय है।” (Congratulations! This effort to take Indian music to new heights is truly commendable.)

The Tansen Festival, known for celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh, witnessed the historic performance where 1,282 tabla players played in unison, earning a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The event showcased the unity and skill of the artists, contributing to the global recognition of Indian classical music.

The Prime Minister’s appreciation not only highlights the significance of this achievement in the realm of music but also emphasizes the cultural richness and talent that India continues to showcase on the global stage. The Tansen Festival’s record-breaking accomplishment adds another feather to the cap of India’s vibrant artistic and musical traditions.

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