Strict Measures in Place: Penalties for Speeding on Highways Under Motor Vehicle Act.


Ensuring road safety and adherence to speed limits, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has instituted penalties for violators driving at excessive speeds on Indian highways. These measures, detailed under Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, emphasize the importance of responsible driving to curb accidents and ensure public safety.

Penalty Structure: In accordance with Section 183, the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 prescribes fines for different classes of motor vehicles found driving above the stipulated speed limits. The penalty structure is as follows:

  • Light Motor Vehicle:
    • Fine: Not less than one thousand rupees but may extend to two thousand rupees.
  • Medium Goods Vehicle or Medium Passenger Vehicle or Heavy Goods Vehicle or Heavy Passenger Vehicle:
    • Fine: Not less than two thousand rupees but may extend to four thousand rupees.
  • Subsequent Offence:
    • For the second or any subsequent offence under Sub-section (1) of Section 183, the driving license of the offender shall be impounded as per the provisions of Sub-section (4) of Section 206.

Implementation and Authority: The implementation of these provisions falls under the jurisdiction of the respective State Government and Union Territory administration. It underscores the collaborative effort needed between authorities and motorists to ensure a safer and more responsible driving culture on the nation’s highways.

Posted On: 21 DEC 2023 2:56PM by PIB Delhi

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