The Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners Declare Indefinite Strike Starting January


Truckers Declare Indefinite Strike Starting January 17 Against Stringent Hit-and-Run Law

BENGALURU: The Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners’ Association has announced an indefinite strike, starting from midnight on January 17, in protest against the proposed stringent hit-and-run laws under the new Bharat Nyaya Sanhita (BNS). The association, led by President C Naveen Reddy, revealed that all lorries and trucks, except those transporting essential items like vegetables, medicine, and milk, will stay off the roads until their demands are met.

Reddy criticized the proposed law, emphasizing the unscientific nature of the penalties. Under the new legislation, drivers causing accidents through reckless driving, who fail to report the incident to the authorities, may face a fine of Rs 7 lakh and up to 10 years in jail. Reddy argued that the fear of mob attacks often compels drivers to flee the scene, and the new law, if implemented, would jeopardize their safety.

The truckers’ demands include the withdrawal of the proposed law, release of seized trucks involved in accidents, and a reduction in fines related to traffic congestion. The strike announcement follows the recent assurance from the Central government to discuss the new laws with stakeholders before implementation. Despite this assurance, the Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners’ Association remains adamant in its decision to strike indefinitely.

The Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) replaces the Indian Penal Code and introduces stringent penalties for hit-and-run cases, affecting truck drivers. Despite the Centre’s promise to hold discussions with stakeholders, the truckers argue that the government’s decision was unilateral and made without consulting the industry.

The strike is expected to affect the transportation of non-essential goods, raising concerns about potential disruptions in supply chains. The truckers are calling for a reconsideration of the harsh penalties in the proposed act, expressing the need for a balanced approach that considers the interests of the trucking industry and its drivers.

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