Union Home Minister Amit Shah Launches Portal for Tur Dal Farmers, Pledges Significant Agricultural Transformation


Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, inaugurated a revolutionary portal developed by the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. (NAFED) and National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India Limited (NCCF) in New Delhi. This portal facilitates registration, procurement, and payment for tur dal-producing farmers. Addressing a national symposium on ‘Self-reliance in Pulses,’ Shri Amit Shah emphasized the portal’s role in bringing remarkable changes to the agriculture sector.

The newly launched portal allows farmers to register in advance through NAFED and NCCF, ensuring payment at Minimum Support Price (MSP) or even higher market prices through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Shri Amit Shah envisions this initiative as a catalyst for farmers’ prosperity, bolstering the nation’s self-reliance in pulse production and advancing nutritional campaigns.

Speaking at the symposium, Shri Amit Shah highlighted India’s self-sufficiency in green gram (moong) and gram (chana) but stressed the need to achieve self-reliance in pulses. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target to make India ‘Atmanirbhar’ in the pulses sector by 2027. Shri Amit Shah expressed confidence that, with farmers’ cooperation, India will attain self-reliance in pulses production before December 2027, eliminating the need for pulse imports.

The Minister of Cooperation outlined challenges faced by pulse-producing farmers in obtaining fair prices due to speculators and other factors, leading to significant losses. To address this, farmers who register with NAFED and NCCF before production will be guaranteed the purchase of their pulses at 100% of the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Shri Amit Shah assured farmers that even if market prices surpass MSP upon the arrival of pulses, a scientific formula will ensure fair compensation without injustice to the farmers.

Encouraging farmers to register with NAFED and NCCF, Shri Amit Shah highlighted the scientific design of the portal, integrating Aadhaar verification, unique farmer IDs, and Aadhaar-based payments to ensure direct fund transfers without corruption. Efforts are underway to integrate the portal with warehousing agencies, promoting cooperative-sector-led warehousing and addressing crop shipping challenges.

Shri Amit Shah called upon Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) and progressive farmers to create awareness about the portal, emphasizing the simplicity of the registration process. Farmers, upon registration, are assured of selling their pulses at MSP, and the option to sell in the market remains open. The portal’s scientific approach ensures transparency and direct payment to farmers’ bank accounts.

The Minister of Cooperation praised NAFED and NCCF for the swift launch of the portal, and he urged farmers across the country to embrace pulses cultivation for self-reliance and nutritional campaigns. Shri Amit Shah underscored Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to doubling farmers’ income, providing figures to demonstrate significant MSP increases in various pulses during the last decade.

Highlighting India’s leading position in global pulse production, Shri Amit Shah stressed the government’s focus on export cooperatives to increase pulse exports worldwide. He informed about the formation of cooperatives for exporting pulses and promoting the production of quality seeds. Initiatives like Bharat Dal, the best-selling brand within seven months, contribute to lowering pulse prices for consumers while benefiting farmers directly.

Shri Amit Shah revealed plans to register maize on the portal for direct MSP sales to ethanol manufacturing factories, promoting ethanol production and reducing dependence on petrol imports. He urged farmers to lead the campaign for nutritional self-reliance, emphasizing the significance of pulses in combating malnutrition, improving land quality, and conserving water resources.

The Minister of Cooperation expressed optimism that farmers’ concerted efforts, combined with these initiatives, will lead India to become self-reliant in pulses production before January 1, 2028. Shri Amit Shah concluded by urging farmers to register with the portal, contributing to national progress and their own prosperity.

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