World Bank and Department of Economic Affairs Launch PPP Beginner’s e-Course for Infrastructure Collaboration

World Bank and Department of Economic Affairs launch PPP Beginner’s e-course to foster collaboration between public and private sectors in infrastructure capacity-building.


In a collaborative effort to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors in infrastructure capacity-building, the World Bank Group, in conjunction with the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Government of India, unveiled the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Beginner’s e-Course. The launch ceremony, presided over by Shri Ajay Banga, President, World Bank Group, took place in the esteemed presence of key dignitaries, including Shri Ajay Seth, Secretary, DEA; Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance; and Shri Parameswaran Iyer, Executive Director, World Bank Group, on December 20, 2023, in New Delhi.

Fostering Infrastructure Capacity: The PPP e-course, a collaborative initiative by the Infrastructure Finance Secretariat, DEA, and the World Bank, is a comprehensive capacity-building program aimed at equipping individuals with foundational knowledge to contribute effectively to the dynamic landscape of PPPs in India. Comprising five modules, the course covers crucial elements throughout the lifecycle of PPP projects, including introduction to PPPs, project identification, structuring, tendering and implementation, and monitoring aspects. This initiative is envisioned to facilitate the successful execution of PPP projects across diverse infrastructure sectors in the country.

Catalyzing Economic Growth: Recognizing infrastructure as a key catalyst for economic growth, the government emphasizes the necessity for both public and private sectors to collaborate in meeting development requirements. The successful delivery of PPP infrastructure projects demands robust capacity building to ensure effective planning, execution, and maintenance. The course’s self-paced design, with a duration of 7 hours and 15 minutes, accommodates diverse learning preferences and schedules, allowing participants without prior PPP experience to engage and benefit.

Key Features of the PPP Beginner’s e-Course:

  1. Accessible Learning:
    • Online accessibility ensures a wide reach across the country.
    • Self-paced modules cater to diverse learning preferences and schedules.
  2. Expert-Driven Content:
    • Industry experts and policymakers curate the course content, reflecting current trends and best practices.
    • Real-world case studies provide practical insights into successful PPP models.
  3. Interactive Learning:
    • Engaging multimedia elements, quizzes, and discussions foster interactive learning experiences.
  4. Certification:
    • Upon completion, learners receive a certificate recognizing their proficiency in PPP fundamentals.

The PPP Beginner’s e-Course stands as a testament to the commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, addressing the dynamic challenges within infrastructure development.

This PPP Beginner’s e-Course is available at the website:

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